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Zion Church Register and Census

The oldest Protestant church in India is the Zion church in Tranquebar. It was constructed in 1701, mainly for the use of Europeans. (A Church for the local people, the New Jerusalem Church, would be constructed by Ziegenbalg, and inaugurated in 1716). The Zion church register contains a list of baptisms, confirmations, marriages and deaths between 1767 and 1845. All earlier records are assumed destroyed. The original register is to be found in the Tamilnadu Archives in Chennai. During early 20th century, Heiberg transcribed the contents into typed pages. Even during his time, many entries were badly damaged. A microfilm of the register is available at the National Archives in Copenhagen. I have transcribed it once again as a pdf file. I have also rearranged the register chronologically with births, confirmations, marriages and deaths for each year. 

In addition, two census were made in Tranquebar in 1790 and in 1835. Partial transcriptions of these census records are included. The Zion Church Register and the two census have been published together as a free ebook under saxo.com (http://www.saxo.com/dk/tranquebar-registers_pdf_9788740471465)

The New Jerusalem Church Register covering the period 1707-1888 is also available. Initially it is in German, and from the English period, the contents are in English. This can be seen at https://www.sa.dk/content/dk/ao-forside/find_kirkeboger. This site is under the National Archives in Copenhagen. Under "VŠlg amt", choose *; under "VŠlg herred", choose *; under "VŠlg Sogn", choose: Kol. Trankebar: Jerusalem.

Zion Church Register and Census