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The city of Tanjore (Thanjavur) needs no introduction. One of th most famous temples built in South India during the 11th Centruy by the Chola King, Rajarajan, can be found in this city. A fort which contained the entire city in the old days, can still be seen.

Not far from the fort, in Sivagangai Gardens, is a church devoted to Christian Frederik Schwartz. Schwartz was a Missionary sent from the city of Halle. Being sympathetic and impartial, he towered above the above Missionaries. Before Tulsaji (Tuljaji), the Maratta King of Tanjore died, he called upon Schwartz to take care of his adopted son, who was to become Serfoji II. Serfoji valued the advice of Schwartz throughout his life. When Schwartz died, Serfoji attended the funeral. Later, he built a Church to honor the memory of Schwartz, and established a magnificient marble memorial in the Church.

Schwartz himself is buried in St. Peter's Church on Mission Street in Tanjore. The chair used by Schwartz can still be seen in the Church. There are also magnificient painted glass windows portraying Schwartz. Along with Schwartz, the Missionary John Balthazar Kohlhoff's wife, Petronella (Petronia) Kohlhoff, his son John Caspar Kohlhoff are also buried. Just beside the church, there are two magnificient and dilapidated buildings can be seen. One of them is probably the house where Schwarz had lived, and the other,  a beautiful cathedral in need of minor repairs. It is a pity that these important historical buildings are in such a bad condition.



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