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This is the homepage of the Tranquebar Society in Denmark. This is a private organisation with approximately 300 members. The main purposes of the Society are to restore and preserve historic monuments from the Colonial period as well as to spread knowledge about Danish-Indian history. The site contains several historical articles, pictures, maps etc.,


This is the personal homepage of Karin and Viggo Knudsen.


This is an older version of Tranquebar Society's homepage.


This homepage of Prof. R. Nagaswamy contains interesting documents relating to the history of Tranquebar.


This is the site of Franckesche Stiftungen at Halle an der Salle in Germany. Missionaries were sent out from here to Tranquebar. This site is a treasure of documents about the Mission. "Hallesche Berichte" which contains letters, diaries and articles sent by the Missionaries can be accessed on the internet.


This is the homepage of The Tranquebar-Initiative of the National Museum of Denmark. On the occasion of the handover of Tranquebar to the British in 1845, the Danish corvette Galathea visited Tranquebar.  During 2006-2007, a modern Galathea 3 should have revisited Tranquebar. In this connection, the Tranquebar Initiative was established. "The goal of the Tranquebar Initiative is to strengthen the ongoing Indo-Danish efforts to preserve the intercultural heritage and to explore the colonial Indo-Danish cultural encounters". Further information on the Initiative can be found on this homepage.